MacPCThis is a hot topic among my friends.  Should they purchase an expensive Mac or should they just get a PC?  People seem to think that Macs are somehow “better” but this is simply clever marketing.  Both machines are just computers, and Macs, although sometimes with some nice features such as the HD resolution screen, are just another computer.

The thing about Macs vs PCs is that people have somehow been conditioned to think that they need a Mac becaues PCs are somehow inferior.  I work on computers and do video editing for a living, and most people seem to think that I use Mac computers.  However, they are always unanimously surprised when I inform them that no, I use PCs.  PCs do the same thing at a cheaper price.

I always tell people that unless you’re some sort of graphic artist or something, you don’t really need a high end Macbook.  It’s like buying a Porsche in order to go to the grocery store once a week.  You can save some money if you get a PC that is suitable for your needs.

Macs are good for some things, and they are certainly good computers.  However they are quite overpriced, and Apple is increasingly locking people into their “environment.”  This means less compatibility with objects outside the environment.

Personally I have just purchased a Surface Pro 4, and I couldn’t be happier.  This computer is a lot of fun, and the performance is great.  Plus, it’s very light and portable.  Traveling with my computer and working has never been easier.  I could have gotten a Macbook Air, however I wouldn’t have had the compatibility and some software just wouldn’t work on a Mac.

I will admit, however, that I do use an iPhone.  I find that iPhones are the most user friendly and solid phones on the market today.  They are still compatible with PCs, however.  My friend today was lamenting that she purchased a new Macbook for $1500.  I told her she could get a PC that was just as good for much less money.  She wanted to know if the iPhone would interface with the PC, and I told her that yes it would.

So it’s clear that some people are falling for the Mac marketing hype.  People should be aware of their choices.  PCs are not just for nerds.

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